How to make payment for TJ Maxx credit card online

TJ Maxx is a well know clothing store that offers its customers great clothing, accessories, shoes and home furnishings and accents for a great price. When you want to pay your TJ Maxx credit card bill online, you will not go to the TJ Maxx website. You will go to the credit card’s website. The TJX credit card is issued by GE Capital Retail Bank.

You can also register for an online account if you don’t already have one. Click on this link to sign up for a new account: TJ Maxx. This is not the same as applying for the credit card this is to take care of your already existing credit card account. Your online account will enable you to manage all aspects of your account from tracking purchases, to checking your balances.

Once your account is activated, to pay your TJ Maxx credit card online, sign in and click on the pay link. Enter your payment information from your checking account, including the routing number and account number, and the amount you are going to pay towards your bill. It benefits you to pay off the balance in full if possible. This saves you money in interest as well as raising your credit worthiness in the eyes of the credit card companies. If this is not possible, try to pay above the minimum amount as this also can save you some money.

Once your information is entered in, double check it for accuracy and then click submit to send your payment. Being able to pay your bill online saves time and hassle and makes bill paying very simple. You can print out the confirmation pages to staple to your statement for your files as well.
There are two types of TJ Maxx Rewards cards you can get; The TJX Rewards Card and the TJX Platinum Rewards Card. The benefits and features of these cards are very appealing and give the cardholders a lot to be excited about. Things such as:

• 10% off the first purchase made at TJ Maxx
• Cardholders pay no annual fees
• No cap on the amount of points you can earn with your Reward card
• Points for every dollar spent at TJ Maxx and for Platinum card holders, points are earned for every dollar spent anywhere.
• Receive Rewards certificates for every 1000 points earned.
• Platinum card holders can get cash from any MasterCard ATM

These are just a few of the benefits and features of these two great cards. It’s their way of rewarding their customers by offering them incentives and rewards for every dollar they spend. Not only will you get the already great prices TJ Maxx offers on its incredible merchandise and clothing, but you will get rewarded for shopping there and if you are a platinum cardholder, anywhere else you use your card as well. It’s more than worth it to have this card and reap the rewards.

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