How to make payment for Kohl’s credit card online

Kohl’s is a very well known and popular store to shop at and their credit card customers enjoy being able to shop in person at the store itself, or their online website. Knowing how to make payment for Kohl’s credit card online is a great way to save money and time when it comes to paying your bills. Many people take advantage of online bill paying and most, if not all, credit card sites have the ability to access your account from their websites.

Each month you will receive a monthly statement and a balance due. You have the choice to pay either the minimum amount due, which will be specified, or pay the balance in full. To pay your bill online, you will need to have Kohl’s account.

If you have not previously set up an account, you will need to click on this link: Register.
Registering is easy. You will need to enter the following information:
• Social Security number
• Kohl’s charge number
• Billing address
• Username and password that you will remember

You will also enter your payment information that you will be paying your credit card with. This will usually be your checking account, so be sure to have your bank account number and routing number. You have the option of setting up automatic payments to be directly debited from your bank account if you choose but this step is optional.

When you sign in to the account, you will be able to manage your account and view your transaction history, your balances and make a payment. Click on the make a payment link and enter the amount of the payment you want to pay.

Include extra on top of your minimum payment if possible to lower your balance faster and save money on interest. After the information is entered and checked for accuracy click submit to send your payment through. Print out your confirmation and staple to your Kohl’s statement to keep for your records.

Kohl’s credit card customers receive all kinds of special perks by being card holders. You will not have to pay an annual fee, 10% off your next order when you first apply for your card. In addition, you will get extra discounts 12 times a year and save 15-30% on sale, clearance and regular merchandise. There is also the MVC program you can qualify for, if you spend at least $600 on your charge card every year from Feb-Jan.

The MVC perks are:
• You will receive the MVC newsletter with fashion tips, lifestyle information and special savings just for you.
• 6 times a year you get to choose a sales day that is personally yours. You will also get additional savings offers throughout the year.

Kohl’s makes sure that their customers know they are appreciated and the choices and quality of merchandise and clothing available will please even the pickiest of shoppers. If you don’t already have Kohl’s credit card, you should apply for one.

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