How to make payment for Firestone Credit Card online

The Firestone credit card, also known as the Firestone Complete Auto Care card, is a card that can be used for all your car’s maintenance and service needs.  Tires, repairs, and routine maintenance can all be paid for with your complete auto care card.  This gives card holders the ability to take care of their car’s needs without having to pay upfront, which can be a real plus when money is tight.

Paying your Firestone credit card bill online is an easy process that just involves setting up an online account.  When registering your card, you can choose the paperless option, where you will need internet access, a valid email and Adobe Reader to make sure you can read and print emails, or you can choose the non-paperless method.  Once you choose which method you want, click continue and finish the registering process.

You will enter the following information when registering your account:

  • Firestone credit card number (is 9 digits)
  • Username
  • Password
  • Choose a security question
  • List your security question’s answer
  • Social security number
  • Email address

Once you have filled out all the required information, click continue, and follow the rest of the instructions.  Once your account is set up, you will be able to manage your account fully, including checking balances, seeing past transactions, and making payments.

In addition to being able to make payments on your car’s care bills, the Firestone Complete Auto Care card has no annual fee, special savings offered on tires and auto care for card holders that others don’t get, and over 1600 locations across the US where you can use your card.

Currently, through June of 2012, card holders receive no interest on purchases of at least $249 if they are paid off within 6 months and you have no late payments.  Having even one late payment can cause you to have interest added immediately.  APR is 22.8% so this is a great incentive to make your payments on time as well as paying them off within the 6 months.

Whether it’s tires you need or an oil change, brake job or some other repair, Firestone can take care of your needs and you can use your Firestone credit card to pay for it.  Firestone has been around for a long time, and they are a well known name in the automotive industry.  They are a name people have come to trust to get excellent, high quality tires, as well as impeccable service that you can count on.

With the convenience of being able to take care of all your car’s service and tire needs in one place, along with the perks of no interest, and being able to take care of your bills online, having a Firestone credit card is a smart, money saving move for any car owner.   Cars can be expensive, so anything that saves you money is going to be a plus for you as a car owner.  Firestone gives their customers that benefit.

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